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Welcome! This is Kiwi's humble abode in the Petz Community! Feel free to check the Studio for my crew, the Gallery for the archives, and the Gift Shop to grab any goodies I might have available for download! :3


  • Draw the last studio notebook
  • Code phonebook
  • Add Photo Album to Studio
  • Finish [redacted]

About Kiwi:

🙞 They/Them
🙞 Brazilian
🙞 Born in 1995
🙞 Autistic/ADHD

I started playing Petz back around 2008, when little me found a single Catz 5 copy in a game store and bought it. I've never really been part of the Petz Community until 2023, when nostalgia hit and I found the community had been booming!

I currently only play petz 4, but I have the petz 5 breedz in it and way too many overwrites! My favorite breedz atm are Devon Rex (Siamese OW), Calico, Oshies and Dalis.

🙘🙙🙚🙛 🙜🙝🙞🙟